Be Speechless And Then Become A Story Teller

Travelling to various places makes you a story- teller, Travelling opens your eyes to many wonders you have been missing all those years living in a cocoon of your own. Travelling leaves you with memories that can retell to many and recount to yourself years after you have been to a place. So what is it that stops us from travelling to various destinations frequently? It is certainly the process of finalising a place followed by a long ticket booking exercise that many simply drop the idea of going out to enjoy some family time or “me” time.

But what if you were told that ticket booking tasks have now become simplified and you can book air or train or bus tickets in an instant? However unbelievable might this sound, but ticket booking has now become a cakewalk, for the hidden traveller in you.

Payworld– a Sugal and Damani Group enterprise- has come up with a highly practical ticket booking solution. Having collaborated hands with IRCTC, different airlines and red etc., we wish to provide our customers with easy ticket booking options so they can visit their favourite destinations easily. The good thing is that whichever corner of India you live in, you can still get tickets booked easily. For this, we have joined hands with retailers – big and small, across the nation. You can visit any Kirana Dukan or general store, stationary and chemist near your house and get your tickets booked quickly and easily.

With this in place, we want you to travel more and explore more. We wish to ensure that your focus remains only on travelling with friends and family while we take care of everything else. Visit your nearest Payworld Store now and fly to your favourite tourist spot or travel via train to your favourite hill station. For going to nearby places, you can even book bus tickets using our services, Payworld- Making Life Simple!

500 Rupees Make Way For An Extra Source of Income


Having an extra source of income never hurts anyone. Be it a college going student or a 9-5 job working professional, it becomes a cherry on the cake if one is able to get some extra amount of money credited to their bank account every month. If being able to do this does not require a hefty investment and a lot of time thereafter, it is even better. For college going students, for instance, relying on parents for a huge amount of study fees plus other unaccountable expenses, is like asking them for too much. If in spare time students are able to do something which helps them earn their basic expenses, it is something really beneficial for them.

But the question that arises is, is there any business that can easily let one earn up to 35,000 rupees on a monthly basis without one having to invest a lot of time on the same?

To help such people who want to start their own business, there is Payworld. Payworld is a Sugal & Damani group backed company, which helps the end customer by offering many utility services like Money Transfer, Rail E-Ticketing, Bill Payment, Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, E-Shopping, Air Reservation, Bus Reservation, Insurance, Digital Wallet etc. End customer also gets the facility to pay for Payworld services at any store near their house by using Credit/Debit card or by paying Cash. For becoming Payworld Retailer one needs to have smart Phone with the Payworld App installed in their Phones. For the interested businessmen out there, we help you get started all with 500 rupees which might sound unbelievable but is true. You can register with us only with the above-mentioned amount and can start earning up to 35,000 rupees per month soon after. This type of service helps increase your customer base in general too. Register with Payworld and get started now!

Payworld Shortlisted as One of 34 GST Suvidha Providers

34-gst--service-provide-apyworld (1)Introduced by The Constitution (One Hundred and First Amendment) Act 2016, Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a proposed system of indirect taxation in India merging most of the existing taxes into single system of taxation.The taxes which will be subsumed into GST include central excise duty, services tax, additional customs duty, surcharges and state-level value added tax.

To bring about a uniformity and functionality regarding GST in the nation, the Government has come up with GSP concept. GSPs are basically GST Suvidha Providers that will help as a link between vendors and GST. In simple words, third party IT vendors who develop web or mobile based interfaces for tax payers to interact with GST network are called GST Suvidhaa Providers or GSP. The task of GSP is to provide convenient ways to the taxpayers in interacting with GST system starting from registration of entity to uploading of invoice details and going up till the filing of returns.

GSTN (Goods & Services Tax Network) is tasked with building the biggest ever and a complex tax network for India, and for that they have shortlisted 34 companies to act as GSP, of which Payworld- one of India’s leading utility services providers- is the one.

Praveen Dhabhai, COO of Payworld said “We are very proud to be a part of the biggest tax reform in the world. GST by magnitude is the biggest tax reform that India and the world will ever witness. GSPs will play a crucial role in bridging the gap between the tax payers and the GST system, which is set to become the world’s biggest and perhaps most complex tax framework.”

Owned by Sugal and Damani Utility Services Private Limited, Payworld is a preeminent electronic processing platform for financial transactions. As GSP, it will acquire and provide solutions to small merchants and vendors in order to help them comply with GST regime.

Under its platform, Payworld offers utility services to its consumers in terms of domestic money remittance, mobile and DTH recharges, rail, air and bus reservation and utility bill collections, digital wallets, cash withdrawal points and assisted e-commerce.

Payworld’s 100 per cent subsidiary, Payworld  Money (Smart Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) offers a mobile wallet that is an excellent option for non tech-savvy smart phone users to go cashless.Payworld Money is an RBI approved pre- paid instrument (PPI) – digital/ mobile wallet) issuer which has users doing primarily domestic money remittances through the assisted mode.

Unified Payment Interface – A Much-needed Change

Unified Payment Interface

Cash crunch has left people with no such alternate in hand. It has by-and-large affected the people who completely used to rely on the currency notes. But this is a nice initiative on the road to digitization. ’Go Cashless’ is the mantra of the age and this is step one towards the new-age revolution.

Unified Payments Interface- hereon referred to as UPI- is a new cashless payment method introduced by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India). The aim behind the introduction of UPI is to enable real time money exchange.

Once you’ve created a unique identifier- Virtual Private Address (VPA) – the UPI  permits you to send, receive, or directly pay from your bank account. The pre-requisite for the same is: download UPI app from any bank you have your account in and sign-up with the registered mobile number.

The good thing with UPI is that it comes decked with double security measures where the M-pin acts as the second factor of security. At the time of UPI creation, all you need to do is set a 4/6 digit long M-pin by authenticating with your debit card details. If you ever forget the M-pin details, all you need to do is simply re-set it by authenticating the debit card details in the respective app.

If you are on a merchant website and wish to pay via UPI, all you need to do is enter the UPI on the check-out page and proceed to pay. Within a couple seconds, you will receive a payment request on UPI app. Select transaction and enter the M-pin.

You could even send funds using UPI. For this, select the account you wish to send money from, enter the said amount as well as the VPA of the receiver. Click on Send, and the task is done. To receive funds, perform the above-mentioned activity and click on Receive. The good thing is that there are no charges levied for transactions done using UPI. The current per-transaction cap is INR 100,000. This may change from time to time and is subject to the UPI guidelines.

Since VPA is linked to your registered mobile number, you will receive all the notifications on the given number. If you ever miss the SMS notification, go to your UPI app, check for ‘Pending UPI Transactions’, and approve/ reject the transaction request from there.

You can avail all of these services and much more 24*7. So go cashless with UPI now.

Become Payworld Retailer and Go Cashless

The recent demonetization move taken by the honorable PM of India to curb black money has left people perplexed because of a sudden shortage of enough notes. The daily life of common man has gone haywire because- even in this age of digitalization, we rely just too much on currency notes. Both for the store owners as well as the customers the time is proving to be a difficult one because no one was really prepared for something like this. So, do you think our PM is to be blamed for this inconvenience we are going through? Is him expecting a digital India like asking for too much? No. Going cashless is not just the call of the day but it is really convenient too. You do not need to worry about the cash being stolen or lost or spoiled etc.

If you run a shop or store and are facing this issue on a day-to-day basis for almost a month now, there are many other alternates you can rely on. You might have come across people trying to hand you their old 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes in exchange of the products and services they have availed from you. You might have come across people coming in to buy a small thing so you could give them the change in return. But none of this is actually working these days. So what to do, you ask? Go cashless and start accepting payments from debit/ credit cards majority people own these days.

Payworld brings to you its platform using which you can become a part of ‘digitalization’ and ‘going cashless’ move. Their MPOS machine helps you become a Payworld Retailer, with the help of which you can enjoy the cashless benefits. This leaves you with no worries about the cash being stolen from your shop. With machine payments, you need not run here and there managing the change for customer too. Just swipe as much the amount mentioned in the bill and you are done. Visa, RuPay, MasterCard- Payworld MPOS Machine accepts debits and credit cards of all major banks- thus helping make a transparent and corruption-free India!

How to choose the Best Health Insurance Policy ?

healthSelecting a health insurance plan is a decision which is certainly not an easy one. It is something which helps you as well as your family when you need it the most, so ensure you pay attention to every minute detail while finalizing the one for you and your family. Many health insurance providers tell how their health insurance plans are the best for you but the reality is far from that and this comes to fore as a shock. So, how could one ensure that the plan they are choosing their plan is the best? In this blog, we talk about what all things to look closely at when it is about staying in the pink of health.

1. Understanding of Health Insurance Plans
Broadly talking, there are 2 categories of Health Insurance Plans available in the markets.
a) Individual Health Insurance Plan
b) Family Floater Health Insurance Plan
Depending upon your needs and your means, you can choose a plan out of these two. If you have a family, then you should prefer the latter plan as it is cost-efficient & time-saving.

2. Age is an Important Factor
Hit the iron when it’s hot. As they say Fun is like insurance the older you get the more it costs.So start early in your life, many policy providers come up with premiums for younger age group policyholders. On the other hand, as you age, some or the other diseases tend to surround you and you are supposed to undergo compulsory pre-policy medical checks. Majorly all Health insurance Companies goes for compulsory medicals for the client’s post 45 years of age.

3. A 360 Degree Cover-up Plan
Many health insurance providers have sub-limits and capping on their various plans. Here is an understanding of both the terms. Sub-limit is the division they come up with i.e. some have 80-20 sub-limit where you can claim only 80% of the total whereas the remaining amount of 20% needs to be submitted by you. Capping is in regards to the room rent. Some providers set a limit on the room rent they provide on their particular plan and anything that exceeds that amount is borne by the individual itself. To make sure that you get quality treatment, ensure that your plan covers everything and there is no sub-limit or capping barrier.

4. Always Prefer Cashless Facility Plans
Generally, the insurance companies ask you to pay the bill at the hospital and then apply for reimbursement. This is a very time- and energy- consuming process. In a case of an emergency, one might not even have money to pay at the hospital billing counter. So better is to go cashless when it comes to choosing a health insurance policy. This way, you just need to pay attention to your/ patient’s health while everything else is taken care of by the insurance company.

5. Check the No-Claim Incentive
If in a particular year, there is no claim on the policy from your side, many companies offer an incentive- increased sum insurance claim- cumulative bonus. Depending upon companies and their various plans, this may vary from 5% to 10% to 50%. On the other hand, some companies offer a premium reduction. Going the cumulative bonus way is always better.

6. Check Whois The Third Party Administrator (TPA)
The middleman between the Insurance Company, healthcare provider, and the customer is known as the Third Party Administrator. TPA comes to fore when it is time to process the claim. This happens to be a time-taking process as there are certain levels involved. Many companies, however- now process claims in-house. Go in for these and save a lot of your time.

7. Be transparent While Declaring Your Health Status
If you have an existing health issue, declare it beforehand. Sometimes we forget that and other times we try to avoid thinking we will have to shell out more money. But declaring it at the time of form-filing is best as it does not become a hurdle when you go in for the claim, just in case.

8. Read & Understand the Exclusions Carefully
Last but not the least, always pay attention to what is being excluded in the plan you are about to choose. Some necessary things are sometimes excluded from the policies which you realize at the delicate moment. It is sure that you check that the following don’t play a spoil-sport:
a) 30-day exclusion
b) 1-year exclusion of certain diseases and procedures
c) 2-year exclusion of certain diseases and procedures

Note: Kindly refer the policy brochure for the list of diseases covered/ excluded and the procedures involved.

Payworld Cash Points

Money is a critical resource needed by all individuals for their daily functioning. In many instances, we have sufficient funds in our bank account but often run out of liquidity in our wallet. Further, accessing this money can be quite difficult at times like when one is travelling. Many times it happens that while on vacation we are on the look-out for an ATM to withdraw cash, which can be quite difficult in the under developed areas of the country. A lot of residents living in rural areas in India with legitimate bank accounts are unable to access their money in times of need due to lack of ATM machines and bank branches in their locality. Continue reading